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"Bruce came across as enthusiastic to meet and dance with me in the moment. He has this genuine, authentic, exuberant presence that he brought with him into each of our sessions. He created this creative and daring environment in which it was safe to introspect deeply into the issues and situations blocking off my creative energies as well as to start untying those knots so that I can experience them fully and grow through them". Surraine B.
"It  is the depth of his insights that have led me to choose him over and over again to lead company retreats and to coach me through my own personal and professional metamorphosis. I view Bruce as an indispensable ally in life – you will too!" Patrick Q.
"Bruce arranges aspects of my life in a visual way that helps me develop a real working sense of balance.  He is not judgmental and “gets where I’m trying to go.”  He’s got a huge bag of tools that he fits to my situations.  Over the time I’ve worked with Bruce, I have seen a shift for the better in my progress toward life goals.  I recommend him highly." Susan W.
Bruce’s coaching helped me delve into my past understand how experiences from long ago were blocking me from moving forward with my creative projects.” Judy D.