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how do we

work together

  COACHING is a journey taken into the depths of a client's consciousness and expereince. Unlike ordinary life, it is not necessary to take the journey alone. When coaching is working well, the coach helps his client find balance in his or her life so that the process of self discovery can illuminate the pathway forward.

  I typically work with a standard package of service that spans 12 sessions.  Somewhere between session 1 and session 3 we would establish a personal profile that consist of worksheets that inform your Star of Life, a holistic diagram that reflects your motivation for change and development in 8 key sectors of your life. These tools will help me better understand your background, your interest, and where you wish to set your sights going forward.

  We will  discuss the incorporation of the process of Exploring Essence, modeled after the process of Authentic Presence, developed by Invite Change. This module of service can be incorporated into the standard 12 week package, can be done as a stand alone package, or done in addition to the standard package of 12 sessions.