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how  i cAme to ADHD coaching

There were three major, startling revelations along my ADHD journey. The first, after receiving a diagnosis of ADHD over 10 years ago, “Oh my god, now what do I do”?. The second, after finding treatment and personal management of my ADHD, “Oh my God, I am not ADHD, I have an ADHD brain”. The third, after enrolling in Laurie Dupar’s iACT ADHD training program, “Oh my God, I found my avocation”. ADHD is my life’s work. I understand the problems, I understand the potentials, I have lived all of that and am continuing on my journey with high functioning and achievement. Now, I am ready to partner with you or your loved one so that together, YOU can overcome the barriers in your way and start LIVING a full life. What are you waiting for?